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coachbetter Features

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Plan your training

Plan your training sessions within seconds by choosing from our pool of 250+ activities or complete training packages. Create your own activities to train according to your objectives.

Manage your team

Get the best out of your players, every day. Keep track of player performance, attendance, injuries, and other crucial events to take informed decisions and define individual development plans.

Plan your match day

Choose the right formation and tactics to lift the trophy. Record important match day events and provide post-game performance reviews.

Analyze video footage

Video analysis has become irreplaceable in today’s game. Upload, cut and tag crucial videos sequences in coachbetter and share them with your team.

Develop your coaching

Offense, defense, tactics, athletics, mental strengths and many more – we provide expert knowledge articles on topics that really matter, all in one place.

Communicate with players and parents

Use the coachbetter PlayerApp to share training & match day plans, player statistics or video sequences. Players can manage their attendance directly in the app.


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Training session planning
Game day management
Coaching education
Data & performance insights
Athlete development
Video analysis

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Push your training & playing philosophy, gain insights & transparency or simply give your coaches an efficient and user-friendly digital tool. Our Club solution allows officials and club management to equip their entire organization with one platform across all teams and age classes.

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Björn Rädel
DFB Regional Head of Development

"coachbetter is a comprehensive and very user-friendly platform that we successfully use in our daily work with our national teams."
Karleigh Osborne
Brentford FC Head Coach

"coachbetter is a great tool that helps us to digitally transfer training philosophy and learning content to all of our teams"
Steven Gerrard
Football Academy

"coachbetter helps our coaching staff in all matters regarding the daily activities up to the development of the players."
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