We empower
soccer coaches to unleash the full potential
of their team at any level

We empower
soccer coaches to unleash the full potential
of their team at any level

Plan your

Manage your

Matchday preparation & statistics



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Plan your Training

Simply choose from a pool of pre-defined drills and complete training sessions according to your objectives or just create and upload your own drills.

  • Tailor-made drills and training sessions
  • Create and upload your own drills
  • Share your training sessions with staff and players
  • Digital attendance records of your players
  • Print your sessions and take them to the pitch

Manage your Team

Always be one step ahead – keep track of player injuries and other crucial events. Profit from key statistics throughout the season to enhance your game.

  • Customized dashboard of players, team, training and season statistics
  • Rate your players and monitor season performances
  • Create individual player profiles and keep them up to date
  • Upload and share documents for efficient communication

Matchday preparation & Statistics

Choose the right formation and matchday tactics to lift the trophy.

  • Choose from our tactical formations or create your own
  • Proposed line-ups based on historical player match performance and training participation
  • Save your favorite line-ups and tactics for quick matchday preparation
  • Create instant post-match ratings and statistics
  • Print your game plan and bring it to the pitch

Video Analysis

Video Analysis has become irreplacable in today’s game. Our tool allows you to tag crucial match situations and share it with your team.

  • Assign tags and share with an individual or group of players
  • Prepare your team for important matches
  • Gain different perspectives on match situations and individual players
  • Individualize and evaluate your
    tags with personal comments

Knowledge Pool

Enhance your knowledge around tactics, athletics, mental strength, nutrition and many other soccer related topics

  • Enhance knowledge around tactics, athletics, mental strength, nutrition and much more other soccer related topics
  • Easy filter and search for articles around topics that matter to you
  • New articles from our experts around trending topics
  • Share our articles with players, team and staff

Coaches that already use coachbetter.com

Jan Fiesser

Jan Fießer
Head Coach U-17
Eintracht Frankfurt


Dan Balaguerod
Head Coach Men’s
Embry Riddle University Arizona

Patrick Hübner

Patrick Hübner
Head Coach Women U-19
FC Zürich


Timur Nakip
Game Analyst
TSG Hoffenheim

harry 2

Harry Cosson
Academy Coaching Director
La Manga Club


Liz Theriault
Assistant Coach Women’s
Embry Riddle University Arizona

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Willy Kaspers
Head Coach U-16
SG Wattenscheid 09

 TSV 1860 München -  
Saison 2019 / 2020  
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Benjamin Götz
Head Coach U-19
TSV 1860 München


Pietro Bascio
Head Coach U-19
FC Mutschellen

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