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Start your journey to becoming a better soccer coach today with a wealth of resources and features including training practices, expert coaching tips, and team management functions.

"I see great potential in digitization, especially when it comes to young talents"
Thomas Raffl
SK Sturm Graz
Youth Coordinator U8-U14
Coachbetter for Coaches

Not just an app, your assistant

Eliminate clutter surrounding crucial dates, workouts and matches. Communicate efficiently within the team. Experience data-driven player development at ist best. Coachbetter offers a comprehensive platform that empowers coaches to enhance their skills and, in turn, foster team growth.

Save time

Plan and manage a great training session with only a few clicks. Share it with your assistant coaches and players. All you need as a coach – digital and perfectly organized in one place!

Increase training quality and grow as a coach

Get inspired from our content to spice up your training and keep your players excited. All of our activities, training sessions, and articles are developed by UEFA-licensed coaches.

Develop your players

Focus on what really matters. Make informed decisions based on data and performance history. Communicate directly with your players via the coachbetter App.

Features for coaches

Features made for soccer coaches

We understand the challenges of a coach! We give you the digital tools to lift your coaching to the next level.

Training Session Planning

Plan your training sessions within seconds by choosing from our pool of 700+ activities or complete training packages. Create your own activities to train according to your objectives.

Game day management

Choose the right formation and tactics to lift the trophy. Record important match day events and provide post-game performance reviews.

Team management

Managing your team(s) and players has never been easier. Keep the perfect overview of all activities and share training & match day plans. Communicate with your players directly via the Coachbetter App.

Video analysis

Video analysis has become irreplaceable in today’s game. Upload, cut and tag crucial videos sequences in coachbetter and share them with your team.

Data & performance insights

Get the best out of your players, every day. Keep track of player performance, attendance, injuries, and other crucial events to take informed decisions and define individual development plans.

Coaching education

Offense, defense, tactics, athletics, mental strengths and many more – we provide expert knowledge articles on topics that really matter, all in one place.

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Get access to many app features and educational content to improve your team’s performance and know-how. Save time, increase your training quality, develop your players, and bring your coaching to the next level.

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