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Dive into soccer's digital evolution

Digital coaching education and licensing for your federation.

"Digitalization is now an integral part of football and coaching education."
Björn Rädel
Head of DFB Talent Development
Best coaches use coachbetter

Your ultimate management tool

No more clutter when it comes to important dates, workouts and matches. No more wasted time in communication among the team. Finally, data-driven player development. Coachbetter provides an all-encompassing platform for coaches to develop themselves as coaches and thereby better develop their team.

Soccer training session planning

Coaches can choose from over 700+ individual training activities and complete session plans, which are easily adaptable to the performance levels of any team. Coaches can develop their own training activities digitally, directly in coachbetter.

Education & knowledge sharing

Transfer of pedagogical and state of the art football coaching knowledge through e-learning formats based on your federation’s philosophy and methodology. Make your football coaches your ambassadors, on and off the pitch.

Digital and innovative from the start

Provide your coaches and participants of coaching courses with the best solutions on the market. During and even after the courses and education, coaches have access to the federation’s database to ensure the philosophy is spread.

Features for federations

Realize full potentials

We understand the challenges of a coach! This is why we offer you  digital tools to lift your coaching to the next level.

Training Session Planning

Plan your training sessions within seconds by choosing from our pool of 700+ activities or complete training packages. Create your own activities to train according to your objectives.

Spread Your Philosophy

Craft your team's identity. Coachbetter lets you share your philosophy, to shape a culture that mirrors your vision and principles.

Team management

Managing your team(s) and players has never been easier. Keep a perfect overview of all activities and share training & match day plans. Communicate with your players directly via the coachbetter App.

Share videos with your players and staff

Elevate learning by sharing insightful video sequences. Coachbetter turns footage into a visual playbook, fostering growth and understanding.

Data & performance insights

Get the best out of your players, every day. Keep track of player performance, attendance, injuries, and other crucial events to take informed decisions and define individual development plans.

Premium Training Packages

Ignite progress with Premium Training Packages. Access elite drills and strategies, unleashing your team's potential with coachbetter's ease.

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Coachbetter for free

Try coachbetter for free

Get access to many app features and educational content to improve your team’s performance and know-how. Save time, increase your training quality, develop your players, and bring your coaching to the next level.

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