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How to create a task?

How can I create a task or a survey?

📌 Step 1:

  • Click on "Tasks" in the left menu bar.
  • ➕ Select "Add Task".

📝 Step 2:

  • Enter the title, description, target audience, and, assign it to a training.📱
  • If you want to create a survey, add a question type and decide how players should respond to the survey (free text, numbers, or star ratings) 📊.
  • Add the questions
  • Review all details and click "Add." 🔍

📅 Step 3:

  • Your players or their parents will be notified about the new task and can submit their responses through the platform. 📊📅

🎉 Done!

You have successfully created a task on coachbetter.

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