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FC Mutschellen

FC Mutschellen digitalizes grassroots coaching to support and develop its coaches

With the project ”FC Mutschellen 2.0”, the club has the ambition to become the most modern and digitalized club in the region to win the best coaches and equip them with the best tools. With coachbetter, coaches at the amateur club from the 2nd Swiss regional league can digitally plan their training and better track the development of their players.







coachbetter is ideal to be inspired by the variation of training activities and to get new inputs. Due to the large selection of professional activities and training packages also from clubs and coaches who play higher-class, I try to improve my training more and more. I think coachbetter is an irreplaceable tool, especially for coaches with little experience or who are still at the beginning of their careers. At the same time, it's great that my club is investing in digital solutions and so absolutely moving with the times, for me that is the future of coaching and football.



FC Mutschellen

Head Coach 1. Team

Win the best coaches for the club through digital and innovative solutions

In terms of its 27 teams, FC Mutschellen is the largest football club in the canton of Aargau. Since it was founded in 1970, it has been a flagship of the region, earlier mainly in the field of women's football, today in men's football. Led by President Pietro Bascio, the club has the ambition to become the most modern and digitalized club in the region and to position itself as a benchmark. With the most modern digital infrastructure, FC Mutschellen wants to attract the best coaches and offer them the best opportunities to develop themselves and the teams.

Better training planning and player development through coachbetter's functions

In addition to the versatile functions of coachbetter, it is mainly used at FC Mutschellen to observe the development of the players and to plan trainings with high quality.

Team Administration: The development of all players of all 15 teams can be traced, simple and transparent. A game day or training session can be documented and edited with just a few clicks. Important data, notes, and reviews can be accessed anytime - no data is lost, even if a coach leaves the club.

Training planning: Coaches can choose from hundreds of individual training activities (ranging from technical to tactical focus areas), which are easily adaptable to the performance levels of any team. Coachbetter also offers complete training session plans to also guarantee quality trainings even when time pressure does not allow long planning.

Drawing & Developing Training Sessions: coachbetter offers the possibility for user generated content (UGC). Coaches are able to develop their own training activities and session plans digitally, directly in coachbetter with the online drawing tool. Alternatively, they can just upload own drawings. Like this, an individual platform based on the club’s coaching philosophy is created.

Player Profiles: For each player, an individual player profile is created, in which the performance can be transparently tracked. Every player (or parents) has access via the Playbetter App to his own profile, which enables efficient feedback culture and communication. Players can trace their own performance and development and can confirm or deny presence or absence for training sessions and games, directly in the app.

We took our video camera and followed a training session for the 1st team with coach Sergio Colacino, which was planned with coachbetter. The focus was on the vertical play to prepare for high-standing teams. You can see the complete video on our blog (watch video here).

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coachbetter and FC Mutschellen are going a common, digital path

We are going a digital, common path with coachbetter and are convinced that we have found the right partner at our side in coachbetter. We were particularly impressed by the quick adaptation to feedback and the flexibility of the platform.
Pietro Bascio, President FC Mutschellen
We come from the grassroots sector and the goal of coachbetter is to develop all coaches and equip them with the best digital solution on the market. With FC Mutschellen we are going a common, digital, and successful path.
Patrick Patzig, Co-Founder coachbetter

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