Youth soccer drills: Taking the ball

One of our favorite's drills for this category (U6-U10) for warming-up. This is a great exercise to finish your technical warm-up with. Make a square, make them work on their technique and their dribbling and finish with this drill. It will help them to be aware of their surroundings, still trying to have control of their balls under pressure and it makes them compete. If your players are very young, start without a ball, and make it just a "tag" game with one selected player that must tag others. It will be your players' favorite too!

Activity flow:

1. The players dribble freely in the marked playing field2. On the coach’s signal, the players become “hunters” and actively try to take other players’ balls3. The player to keep his/her ball the longest wins


1. Set up a rectangular playing field (15x20 yards) using four mini cones2. Every player has a ball

Coaching points:

1. Choose a hunter to enter the field without a ball and try to steal and shoot other players’ balls out of the field


  • 10 mn


  • U6-U10

Number of players:

  • 4 to 25 players
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