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Youth soccer drills: Dribbling to the Stadium drill:

Looking for a nice and entertaining warm-up for your team? Try this fun dribbling exercise perfect for grassroots team from u6 to u10. If you are looking for some variations, don't hesitate in adding a competitive aspect, or a number for the dribble and then a name for the square which will force your players to think. However, don't forget to focus on the dribbling quality both outside and in going to the square.

Activity Flow:

1. The players dribble freely on the outside of the playing field without entering the four smaller squares and do different technical tricks (e.g. feinting, capping, turning)2. When the trainer calls out a “stadium,” the players dribble there as fast as they can (e.g. “Real Madrid!”)3. The first team to have all of its players in the stadium gets one point


1. Set up a rectangular 35x25-yard playing field using four mini cones2. Use nine mini cones to mark a smaller rectangle (25x15 yards) and divide it into four equal squares3. Label each square with a stadium or team name (or use colors)4. Divide players into teams5. Every player has a ball

Coaching points:

1. Tight ball control2. Spatial orientation, players looking up and not down at the ball3. Have players use both feet


1. Change the direction of play


  • 10 mn


  • U6 - U10

Number of players:

  • 4 - 22 players
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