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Embed from Getty ImagesOften in football, the mobility of a player is underestimated. While flexibility and mobility can be sometimes related, they are actually quite different. To make it simple, mobility is the fact of having muscles within this flexibility. Both are equally important. Here are three advantages of mobility:

  1. Improving your player's speed and performance on the field
  2. Decreasing the risk of muscle injuries
  3. Reduced pain in the joints

Therefore, it is important to incorporate mobility training at each session. Working on it during the warm-up remains the best approach. It is a good way to get the blood flowing and improving on these important movements.Here are five mobility exercises you can incorporate to every session during the warm-up. Access more warm-up mobility moves at coachbetter, and start planning your session.

1. Inverted Hamstring stretch


While you can start your warm-up with some classic exercises such as knee-up and butt kicks, the inverted hamstring stretch will be a great addition to it. Posterior thigh muscles (including hamstrings) play an important role in almost every movement in football.In order to move in the most effective way, it‘s important for these muscles to be flexible. As these muscles are attached to back muscles, these exercises can help prevent lower back pain as well.Have 5 repetitions for each leg for best results.

2. Standing Glute Stretch


Great exercise to free this hip mobility that is so important in football. In this activity, you can really ask your players to bend their knees, sit and hold the position for a few seconds. The key is not speed but the quality of the movements.Back must always be straight, head up, and have your players do 5 repetitions each leg as well.

3. Lateral Lunges

Another critical mobility exercise for maximising a player's athletic potential. The Lateral Lunges strengthen and mobilises hip and groin (adductors) muscles.Again, speed is not the goal here. On the other hand, posture is really important. Make sure your players have a flat back even though they go sideways. Also, try to make them go as low as possible, holding a second the position before going to the next side. 5 reps each side.

4. Deep Squats

Strength and mobility training is essential in order to prevent injury. Moreover, it will make your players more efficient on the field as well as bringing them more confidence in their movements.The deep squat exercise is not meant to be too hard on the quads but rather to really go deep and stretch the muscles. Don't forget: back must be straight, shoulders pushed back, and knees can't go further than the toes. 1o reps, holding the position for 2 seconds.

5. Push-up Start Sprint

A good way to finish your mobility training and your warm-up is to do some sprints. However, be careful to include this exercise at the end and not the beginning of the warm-up. The muscles must be warm and ready for such an effort.Sprinting is actually a great way to work on all the legs muscles. It cannot be underestimated. The push-up sprint is just a variation of many form of sprinting. It brings the player in a discomfort position where he/she must adapt.Make it a race and a small competition to finish the warm-up in a good mood and to get the best out of your players.Don't forget to include these five exercises to your warm-up routine. The results will be seen within weeks. If you are looking for more warm-up exercises or drills for your team, go to and sign up for free. Start unlocking the best coaching version of yourself!

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