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The faster the better: Youth soccer drill

Here is a drill if you have a young team of U6 to U10 that is specially talented. You want to push your players and work on their speed, shot and technique? Then you will love this exercise.If you are afraid that your players are going to cheat, make them go around run around a cone before they defend.If you don't have keepers, make them score on a mini goal. Focus on the speed and in the attitude of the players. This can be a very good drill to push your players at their maximum both technically and physically. As always, make it a competition for even better results.

Activity flow:

1. Player A passes to player B, who calls for the ball and then plays a one-touch return pass back to player A2. Player A then dribbles towards the goal and goes into a one-on-one situation with player B3. Player B then runs to the starting position on the other side4. Player A runs to player B’s starting position


1. Mark off a playing field (32x40 yards)2. Use eight mini cones and eight pylon training cones to set up the field as shown3. Assign players to their positions as shown

Coaching points:

1. Using both feet2. Precise, forceful low passes (inside of the foot)3. Keeping up a high pace in one-on-one situations


1. Change sides


  • 15 mn


  • U6-U10

Number of players:

  • 6 to 25

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