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In & Out:

This drill will be perfect to warm up your players and to get practice going. Working on the quality of pass of your players, you will also be able to check their first touches in the space where they want to go. Moreover, in pass drills like these, you can also check for intangibles such as communication, attitude, runs and application of the player.[video width="1536" height="864" mp4=""][/video]

Activity flow:

1. Player A passes to player B and progresses to his/her position in the center2. At the same time, player E starts the same sequence on the other side3. The players in the middle receive the passes while turning towards the left, dribble forward briefly, and pass to players C and G4. Player C passes the ball to player D at the next position5. Player G dribbles to the next position and hands the ball over to player H 6. Every player progresses to the position to which he/she has passed


1. Five cones that form a diamond with one cone in the middle2. Assign players to their positions3. Players A and B start out in possession

Coaching points:

1. Pass receivers should trigger the pass with an initial movement2. Precise passes3. Players should use the first touch to change their direction of movement


1. Alter passing distances2. Limit touches


  • 10 mn


  • U11 - U16

Number of players:

  • min: 6
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