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FC Bayern Munich - Short-Short-Long

Soccer drills for the warm-up: In this drill, you will find a great way to start your practice, working on passing and movement. The advantage of this drill is that your team will be working on situation that will be found during the game as well. We go short, we turn, we look further, etc. These are all situations to get familiar with and working on it during the warm-up will set the pace of the practice.[embed][/embed]

Activity flow:

1. Player 1 begins the exercise with a pass to player 2.2. Player 2 receives the ball in the direction of play and passes to player 5.3. Player 5 plays a one-touch pass to player 3.4. Player 3 receives the ball in the direction of play and passes to player 6.5. Player 6 passes to player 5, who takes the ball in the opposite direction and passes to player 1, who has moved up to player 2’s position.6. Player 1 plays a one-touch pass to player 4, who then passes to player 7, and the sequence starts over.


1. Poles to mark starting positions as shown2. Extra balls at player 1’s starting position

Coaching points:

1. Precise passing game, weight of passes2. Receiving and first touch 3. Ball control


1. Limit touches2. Change the direction of the exercise3. Use a mini goal as a target at the end of the sequence


  • 15 mn


  • U17 - Adults

Number of players:

  • 7 to 25
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