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Dribbling Competition with a Shot on Goal

Competitive soccer drills: Here you have the ability to work on the fitness, technique, shooting and speed of your players in a fun way. It is always good to have your players compete against each other. Make sure that the competitive aspect doesn't take away the technical work behind it. For this exercise, don't hesitate in being creative in the variations: add another goal, replace with mini goals, add a juggling section... be creative!

Activity flow:

1. The first player on each side starts by doing a slalom run around the first set of poles2. At the third pole, the players take the balls and dribble through the rest of the course3. The first player to finish the course can take a shot on goal (with a goalkeeper)4. Replace the balls and repeat the sequence for all players5. The team that scores the most wins


1. Set up two courses between the penalty area and the halfway line with poles (six on each side)2. Place a ball after the first section of the course (at the third pole) on each side3. Players lined up in two lines

Coaching points:

1. The players aren’t allowed to touch the poles2. The player who loses the running/dribbling competition has to do 10-25 push--ups


1. Vary the running/dribbling paths in the course2. Set up the course diagonally from the corners of the penalty area3. The player who wins the running/dribbling competition plays against the goalkeeper one-on-one


  • 15 mn


  • U17- Adults

Number of players:

  • 6 to 25 players
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