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Double Responsibility 4x4v1:

In this drill, you will be able to work on several important aspects of soccer. Firstly, you will be able to work on passing, since the four squares are four smaller rondos. Then, you will be able to work on the awareness of your players, for them to decide quickly and in the best interest of their team. As players can be concerned by two different squares, it will be their task to decide where they want to be present. Good, fun and intense drill to work on passing, awareness, quality and even fitness when doing this exercise at max intensity.

Activity flow:

1. Play 4v1 in each square2. Because of their positions, players from the white team are responsible for two squares each3. Multiple touches are allowed at first4. After a while (five minutes), change positions


1. Cones/poles to mark the playing field as shown2. Divide the field into four equally sized squares3. Position one player each from the blue and green teams on the outside of the squares and the players from the white team on the lines inside4. Position one player from the red team in each square5. A player is in possession in each square6. Assign players to their positions7. Extra balls around the playing field

Coaching points:

1. Preliminary orientation2. Open playing position of the white team3. Precise passing game4. Appropriate weight of passes


1. Limit touches – direct passing game2. Adjust the size of the field as necessary


  • 15 mn

Number of players:

  • min: 16 - max: 22

Age group:

  • 17 - adults
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