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Youth soccer drills: Passing Competition

Looking to improve your young players's passing skills? This drill is for you! The passing competition exercise will work mainly on passing technique but will also require mental focus and physical work as well.The competitive aspect brings intensity to the session and it also pushes the players to go above and beyond.You can add a lot of different features to this drill such as another obstacle to cross or touches requirement. Be creative and make sure that they are sharp with their passes.

Activity flow:

1. Players pass the ball to each other and then run to the other side of the field, jumping over the hurdle on the way2. A point is awarded for every pass received by a teammate3. If a player touches the hurdle or the pole falls, his/her team loses a point4. The team with the most points at the end of the exercise wins


1. Mark off a rectangular playing field (25x15 yards)2. Use eight mini cones and four hurdles to set up the playing field as shown3. Cone goals should be two yards wide with four to six yards between them (depending on your players’ skill level)4. Divide players into two teams (or more if necessary)

Coaching points:

1. Pass accuracy2. Pass receivers should move towards the ball


1. Adjust distances2. Vary coordination exercises with poles, rings, or a coordination ladder


  • 15 mn


  • U6-U10

Number of players:

  • 8 to 25 players

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