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A digital football tactic board solution to design team’s training sessions and game-day plans. The app allows you to bring creative and innovative ideas around training sessions and activities to life.

Design your drills

Plan and design your own training activities in our tactic board by simply using drag & drop.For an easy and efficient drawing experience, choose the perfect field size for your exercise, add as many players and moves as you need and include training equipment – you can choose from a huge selection of objects such as goals, cones, hurdles and many more.

Design your formation

Choose your game day formation from several formations that we offer. Make the decision to pick either a classical 4-4-2 or unexpected 3-5-2 with a “false 9” to compete on the pitch. Use the tactic board to compare your team to your opponent and visualize how your team might adapt during the game. React to tactical changes in real-time, individualize each position and show it directly to your players for better understanding.

Design your victory

moves by coachbetter gives you a tactic board at hand that helps you to become a better coach and have an impact on the game. For the ultimate experience, upload your designed activities in our web-platform in order to create and integrate your activities into full sessions ready for the pitch.

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