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Zurich, September 2022: Level 7 Academy provides an environment that creates a professional football and learning experience for young people that want to progress to the next level both on and off the pitch.

Coachbetter provides a digital platform that helps clubs, academies and coaches to align, collaborate and communicate always with focus on player development.

As a clear consequence, Level 7 Academy digitizes its Academy program with Coachbetter to provide the best possible learning experience to all its players. With Coachbetter, the philosophy of Level 7, on and off the pitch, can be transferred worldwide in the most efficient and sustainable way. Providing a base for great training session planning and team management, Coachbetter will support Level 7 to achieve its mission and vision.

A true game changer for us as a company - not many college football programs would be going into the detail and standards we try and set at Level 7 Academy, but I truly believe this makes us stand out from all the rest and continues to give our players the best opportunity whilst they are with us.
Ian Hart, Director Level 7 Academy

The Powerhouse Project – Creating Opportunity for Women to become Coaches

From grassroots to the elite level, there is a severe underrepresentation of women as coaches. From speaking to people from across the football community, we understand that this is primarily due to a lack of opportunities. Therefore, the mission is simple. With the Powerhouse Project, Level 7 wants to tackle the fact that there are simply not enough female coaches across the world of football. At Level 7, a range of education courses suited to fit the needs of the learners support that mission. Coachbetter brings in all expertise from working together with the Schleswig-Holsteinische Football Association in Germany, where the App supports the coaching education. Recently, the first coaching education course for women only with 25 participants was successfully performed. See the case here!

Focus On International Development

The Level 7 global provision will look to bridge the gap between football in the UK and South Africa, developing L7 South Africa players and staff members under the Level 7 banner in every aspect of the game: technically, tactically, physically and mentally. The exclusive partnership sees Level 7 South Africa work alongside the Head of coaching Ian Hart to provide a syllabus via online workshops and coaching CPDs to members of L7 South Africa to help educate, develop, and excel all staff and players involved in the provision. By that, Level 7 follows the same vision as Coachbetter, which recently started a cooperation with Badgers Academy, a project focusing on women’s football.

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