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Youth soccer drills: Dribble and Shoot on Mini Goals:

Great drill if you are coaching at the youth level. Works on dribbling, technique and shooting while being entertaining for the players. You can also easily add some variations such as passing instead of dribbling from the cones. You could also have them make a special move at each cone. Finally, you can make it a competition between both teams and count goals scored on both sides, since they have to use the weak foot as well.

Activity flow:

1. The teams line up across the field from each other2. The first player from team A dribbles around the mini cones until reaching the second red cone, where he/she shoots on the right mini goal3. The first player from team B repeats the sequence from the other side, shooting with his/her left foot4. After every shot the players change sides


1. Set up a playing field as shown using two mini goals, one large goal, and ten mini cones (six red, four yellow)2. Divide players into two teams

Coaching points:

1. Orientation2. Posture and foot positioning when shooting


1. Have players shoot on the other mini goal2. Have players shoot above the mini goals3. Have players dribble around the mini cones with the outside of their feet


  • 15 mn


  • U6-U10

Number of players:

  • 4 to 25 players
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