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This week, we are very happy to introduce the Club Manager and Head Coach of Chelsea Rovers FC, Norbert Csorba. Find why Norbert as a football coach focuses on interpersonal intelligence and a holistic approach and what young girls do better than young boys on the field. He also told us how coachbetter supports him in his holistic approach and managing his club.Go to coachbetter and start planning your own sessions just like Norbert.

CB: How did you come to soccer and how as a coach?

Csorba: I believe I started playing football like most young boys. I was around 7 years old and lived in Serbia and when I wanted to get away from reality, I met with my friends and we spent time together just playing the game we love, football. I made it to a semi-professional club called FK Backa when I was 18 and due to a special condition in my contract eventually was signed in France but because of an injury had to end my career early and became interested in coaching.I love coaching. To me, coaching is about building character, values and the understanding of life. It is more than just a sport; it is a lifestyle and it impacts lives. Personally, I also love to develop in terms of coaching: I did the FA Level 1 license when I was 28 and recently finished FA Level 2. My next step will be the UEFA B license. I love to develop holistically, therefore I also did a goalkeeper course.I gained a lot of practical experience in coaching but what I can say is that I really enjoyed to coach Girls U12 in an academy called Little Stars. In comparison to same year-old guys, their attention and interest is wider and more mature. For my club, Chelsea Rovers FC,  I want to establish a place where people come to play football and have a good time, nothing more, nothing less.

CB: What is your game philosophy?

Csorba: Football constantly changes. Therefore, to me, it is important to have a holistic approach instead of only one philosophy. I try to adapt to any situation as good as possible and I also put high value into interpersonal relationships. No matter which approach I take, I try to keep it simple, football is an easy game and the ball knowingly can run the most.

CB: Why do you use coachbetter?

Csorba: It is very difficult to organize and manage a club. I was always looking for a platform with a holistic approach that has all in one place with video analysis, sessions, players, etc. I reached out to coachbetter and had a webinar with Patrick (one of the Founders). The tool is very simple and helpful, and I love the sessions as well as using the app when I am not on the field. I just bring my IPad, run quickly through the exercises or send it to our group chat. The platform is also very well perceived by my players.

CB: What is your favorite drill in coachbetter?

Csorba: My team is very technical and fast. However, especially English football is more physical and “aggressive”. In order to work on those skills and become more proactive in the one-on-ones, my favorite drill is “First to the ball (part 2)”. We are using this drill ongoing and it shows great success.

CB: As a coach, who would you like to train or have loved to train?

Csorba: Definitely Ronaldo, il fenomeno, or Ronaldinho from Brazil. They are players with just this natural talent and in their eyes, you see the love for the game. I would love to see how they inspire teammates and me as a coach.

CB: Which coach does inspire you?

Csorba: It is impossible for me to name one coach. I don’t get inspired by only one coach. I try to find good aspects from each one, no matter if male or female or pro or semi-pro. I believe that combination overall makes me a better coach as well. If I must name one, for me it is Bobby Robson. From what I saw about him, his interpersonal intelligence and his holistic approach are just outstanding.Embed from Getty Images

CB: If you have one wish, what would it be in terms of development for soccer?

Csorba: Personally, I believe the approach of football development should shift from simply focusing on telling players what to do to a more individual focus and individual development of strengths. There are so many talented players, who would not fit into one team and its philosophy (e.g. Barcelona makes all players in their academy playing Tiki Taka) and their natural talent and their natural gifts will never be discovered.

CB: What is your coaching moment that you will never forget?

Csorba: I think normally you would expect a great victory here or similar, but for me it was that moment when one of my players got signed for a semi pro club (Hartley Whitney FC) and I was the first to know. I earned his trust and respect and that was the biggest success comparing to winning a game or trophy.Like Norbert, start planning your session today for free on

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