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Being able to adjust to the always changing situation seems to be a great strength for a coach nowadays. This is why we wanted to specially create a package of 5 drills covid-friendly. Work on passing, fitness, finishing, all keeping social distance. Find more of those training sessions at

Passing, Dribbling and Controlling the ball I

Nice drill to warm that works on three fundamentals aspects of football, passing, dribbling and controlling. If you don't have mini goals, you can set up a gate/goal with cones and have the next player wait for the ball behind it.

First touch with a change of direction

In this drill, you will work on the control of your player, his ability to have a good touch in the space and to move away from the opponent that are represented by the poles in this picture. Important to tell your players to check their shoulders before they receive the ball to make it game realistic. Also, find the right timing between the player in the middle checking in and the pass.

1v0 on the wing

In this drill you will work on dribbling and then accuracy of the pass. Again, if you don't have access to mini goals, you can make them with cones and have a player wait behind it and then rotate. Have your players perform specific dribbles, to improve their creativity and technical skills.

Goal scoring circle

Perfect for the warm up, you will be able to work on technique, passing, speed and coordination. After a few sets, make them change rythme after the pass, with a nice acceleration. If you don't have a ladder, you can use cones as well.

Dribble Forest

This drill will become one of your player's favorite. Working on dribbling and finishing. Set up the poles in the middle in a way that it is not too easy to get past them. Also, make it a competition, it will push your players to try even harder.

Running Miracle

This is a wonderful exercice where your players will work physically but always will ball. Push them to give their 100% in every post as it will be a very rewarding work fitness-wise. If you don't have a ladder, you can use cones as well. Don't hesitate in adding another exercise if you want, be creative as well!

Threefold Combo

This is a drill that you can do with mini goals as a warm-up or competitive with goalkeepers in the middle of practice. Look for quality of passes and quality of the final action. Rotate your players as Player 1 will take place the place of Player 2 and Player 2 the place of Player 3. Put two players at every post to keep the intensity in the drill.

Dribbling Competition with a Shot on Goal

Great drill to work speed and technique for your players. Moreover, make it a competition and the first player to score earns the point. Make them shoot before they get into the 18yards box.Passing, Receiving, Dribbling

Great drill to finish and to familiarise your players with the type of runs a striker can make. Make sure that the passes are of quality and that they finish before the 18 yards box. Make two teams and make them compete against each other.

Passing, Dribbling and Controlling the Ball

A passing drill with the right social distance. With a good intensity, it can be an amazing drill. Focus on it and on the pass quality as well.For more training packages and more drills go to coachbetter and start planning your next training session for free and become unstoppable.

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