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Schleswig-Holstein Football Federation

Football Federation relies on coachbetter for UEFA coaching education

coachbetter is an integral part of the coaching education at Schleswig-Holstein Football Federation (SHFV). The integration of coachbetter makes coaching education more innovative, more digital and enables the coaches to design their exercises in line with the SHFV philosophy.







Digitalization is now an integral part of football and coaching education. We used to print out a lot and were drawing on playing field foils. Our main goal is to prepare our coaches as best as possible for their clubs and to replace analogue with digital tools as quickly as possible. With coachbetter, we offer our coaches the opportunity to work with digital tools to design their training sessions and activities. The platform immediately added value and is very popular with all our coaches.




Head of DFB Talent Development

At SHFV, coaching education integrates digital solutions right from the start

The Schleswig-Holstein Football Federation (SHFV) is one of the 21 regional associations of the German Football Federation (DFB), making it part of the largest sports association in the world. In terms of quantity, the area of coaching qualification has the largest number of offers at SHFV, which underlines the high priority given to coaching education. At the same time, more and more emphasis is placed on the integration of digital solutions.

For this reason, coachbetter was implemented as integral part of coaching education. To promote working digitally, every coach receives free access to the platform with all its functions right from the start. The aim is to give all coaches a tool that supports them with their daily tasks, but at the same time supports their development and education.

For us, the coach is the key to everything. We want to promote the best education for all coaches, regardless of whether they work for professional or grassroot clubs. We want to address every coach according to his or her individual needs and provide digital solutions right from the start. This is possible for us by using coachbetter and its functions.
Michael Hopp, Head Instructor Association Sports

How coachbetter adds value to the federation's coaching education program

Education & Knowledge Sharing: Transfer of pedagogical and state of the art football coaching knowledge through e-learning formats based on the philosophy and methodology of the DFB. This ensures that all football coaches in the region are ambassadors of the SHFV's and also the DFB's coaching and playing philosophy, on and off the pitch.

Football Training Session Planning: Coaches can choose from over 250 individual training activities (ranging from technical to tactical focus areas) as well as complete session plans, which are easily adaptable to the performance levels of any team. Working in small groups during the coaching education license course enables the participants to share best practices on training activities and coaching points.

Drawing & Developing Training Sessions: coachbetter offers the possibility for user generated content (UGC). Coaches are able to develop their own training activities and session plans digitally, directly in coachbetter with the online drawing tool. The session plan drawings are then evaluated and graded as part of the course by the SHFV instructors.

After successfully completing the UEFA License, all coaches keep access to the learning content and session plans of the football federation in coachbetter. Like that, every coach has access to his or her own as well expert knowledge, anywhere at anytime. This ensures that the SHFV and DFB philosophy is carried into all clubs within the region and that every player is offered the best possible training and coaching on and off the pitch.

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What participants of the course say about using coachbetter

coachbetter is ingenious, for me a 360 degree solution for every football coach. I would recommend every association in Germany but also all federations around the world to integrate coachbetter into their coaching education.
Dennis Rosenthal, HEBC von 1911 e. V.
The whole coachbetter team is very open to suggestions, ideas and new incentives to improve our training and education content, especially so that female and young coaches in particular are more involved.
Svea Assmann, TSV Zarpen
coachbetter facilitates the training work, the training design and the entire administration, before and after the training sessions, especially for us young coaches. The cool thing is that I still have access to the content and philosophy of the SHFV after the course.
Fynn Lorenz, Kieler MTV

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