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Miami Rush Kendall SC MLS NEXT is dedicated to providing the best player development experience in North America. With its commitment to collaboration and innovation, the club is able to provide its players with access to the highest levels of competition and training to prepare them for their futures, both in soccer and in life.

As the only soccer club in Miami-Dade county with the MLS Next status, Miami Rush Kendall SC is setting the bar for player development. To further raise the standards, the club has partnered with Coachbetter, a digital platform that helps clubs, academies, and coaches align, collaborate, and communicate with a focus on player development.

According to Andy Thomson, Director of Methodology at Miami Rush Kendall SC,

"Coachbetter allows for us to centrally develop and store content that will help educate parents, coaches and players. By automating our processes with Coachbetter, we now have an easy way to communicate with all of our members."
Andy Thomson, Director of Methodology

With Coachbetter, Miami Rush Kendall SC can streamline its communication and education processes, making it easier to reach its members and ensure they have the information they need to succeed.

Massimo Di ioia, VP of Business Development in North America, recognizes the importance of this partnership.

"Coachbetter's flexible and powerful solution integrated at Miami Rush Kendall SC will only continue to raise the standards for the entire club. We're aware that Miami Rush Kendall SC is a top level organization and this is exactly why they chose Coachbetter which will enhance the player, coach, and parent experience on all levels."
Massimo Di ioia, VP of Business Development in North America

In conclusion, Miami Rush Kendall SC and Coachbetter are a perfect match. With a shared focus on player development and a commitment to collaboration and innovation, this partnership is sure to take the club to new heights and provide its players, coaches, and parents with a truly exceptional experience.

Massimo Di Soia
VP Business Development – North America


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