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Weston FC

Weston FC: The MLS NEXT member club is taking youth soccer to the next level with the ambitious goal to transform the way players learn and grow.

Weston FC professionalizes its digital infrastructure: Training session planning, communication between coaches, staff, and players as well as talent development will be supported by the most-user friendly platform in soccer.







Technology will take us to the next level, and it also is the only way to compete against the top clubs. We must make sure that we match every aspect to engage with the new generation and build sustainable success. Coachbetter is the digital solution that is really easy to use and brings a huge value to our coaches and by that to our players



Weston FC

Technical Director

Weston FC, MLS NEXT, & coachbetter: The perfect trilogy with amazing synergy

Weston FC’s history is short, yet very impressive. Formed in 1998 with 100 players, Weston FC has grown into one of the largest and most respected competitive soccer clubs in the United States based in South Florida. The teams with players ranging from 7-19 years play a ten-month season in South Florida, around the nation, and internationally. The club’s vision to develop good human beings through soccer training, development and coaching can be experienced throughout all programs the club offers, most notably the Premier Program and MLS NEXT. As one of the 133 clubs forming the MLS NEXT program, Weston FC recently implemented a new strategy to digitally transform and further professionalize the club, which is in line with the spirit of MLS NEXT.

MLS NEXT provides the best player development experience in North America. Founded on a collaborative approach to governance and a commitment to innovation, MLS NEXT players have access to the highest levels of competition and to training to prepare them for their futures, both in soccer and in life. MLS NEXT wants to take youth soccer to the next level with the ambitious goal to transform the way players learn and grow.

Led by Technical Director Luis Mendoza, former professional Venezuelan football player and former Director of the Real Madrid Select Program, Weston FC started the transformation on how players learn and grow by implementing coachbetter throughout the club, also with focus on coaching education. Guided by Kike Guijarro, a former coach of Real Madrid Youth Academy, coaching education is held every two weeks to align the club’s philosophy, discuss and exchange. Coachbetter will help to efficiently communicate between coaches, staff and players and will secure the highest training session quality.

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Coachbetter gives the coaches a tool that is easy-to-use and practical

Communication: All coaches and managers are digitally connected and can exchange ideas on sporting and administrative topics for all teams. This allows the training and game philosophy of Weston FC to be spread throughout the club.

Training planning: With only a few clicks, the perfect training session with favorite drills on key coaching points is created. Prior to sharing the sessions internally, coaches can choose either from over 300 individual training activities and packages (ranging from technical to tactical focus areas) prepared, or they can design their own. Everything is easily adaptable to the performance levels of any team.

Team Administration & Player Profiles: The development of all players of all teams can be traced, simple and transparent. For each player, an individual player profile is created, in which the performance data is tracked. Every player (or parents) has access via the PlayerApp to his own profile, which enables efficient feedback culture and communication.

Video Analysis: Through visualization, players understand much easier what they can’t see themselves. Videos can be uploaded, edited and tagged directly in the platform. Individual sequences of a game or training can be then analyzed and shared directly with the player’s individual profile in theApp.

First, we design long term training plans and from there go week by week into micro cycles that have technique, tactics, and fitness components. The weekly session plans can then easily be adapted by the coaches according to the level and number of players. With coachbetter, I can give the coaches a very easy-to-use tool at hand, and I always have a great overview of what is going on with all our teams.
Kike Guijarro, Premier Program Director

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Verbreite die Trainings- und Spielphilosophie des Vereins, gewinne Einblicke und Transparenz oder gebe den Trainern einfach ein effizientes und benutzerfreundliches digitales Tool an die Hand. Mit unserer Club-Lösung können Funktionäre und das Vereinsmanagement alle Teams und Altersklassen mit einer einheitlichen Plattform ausstatten und verwalten.

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Push your training & playing philosophy, gain insights & transparency or simply give your coaches an efficient and user-friendly digital tool. Our Club solution allows officials and club management to equip their entire organization with one platform across all teams and age classes.