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Empower Your Coaching with Oregon Youth Soccer & coachbetter

Oregon Youth Soccer Association proudly announces their partnership with coachbetter – a game-changer in soccer coaching. With our combined efforts, we are committed to equipping coaches across Oregon with cutting-edge tools to enhance every facet of their coaching prowess.

„The Oregon Youth Soccer Association is excited to partner with coachbetter so that we can enable coaches around the state to become better in all aspects of their coaching careers. When a coach can communicate, organize, educate and become better on the field, then ultimately, the players win. Having this digital resource means that coaches can meet players where they're at, utilizing tools that they are already comfortable with.”
Simon Date, Oregon Youth Association, State Director
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Streamlined Team Management:

Organize your team with efficiency, enabling a focus on development and strategy.

Advanced Performance Tracking:

Monitor and enhance player performance with insightful data analytics.

Comprehensive Educational Resources:

Access a vast library of coaching materials to broaden your knowledge and skills.

On-Demand Digital Access:

Utilize the powerful CoachBetter app to bring coaching excellence to the palm of your hand.

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Clubs of all sizes trust us

Technology will take us to the next level, and it also is the only way to compete against the top clubs.

Luis Mendoza
Technical Director, Weston FC

Coachbetter really is the missing piece between coach education and player development across our program.

Nik Alsop
CEO, UK International Soccer

With coachbetter we ensured that our partner clubs educate and develop coaches at the highest level.

Christian Dierks
Head of BVB Evonik Football Academy, Borussia Dortmund

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„We are very proud of this partnership with the Oregon Youth Soccer Association. It marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize soccer coaching. By joining forces, we are  providing coaches with the tools to enhance their expertise and nurture the next generation of soccer talent. Together, we're setting new standards for success and fostering a love for the game that will last a lifetime.“

Patrick Patzig, Co-Founder & CEO, coachbetter

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Coachbetter app features

Features to set the benchmark

Kick-off your journey with coachbetter's Awesome Features! Designed to give you the edge, our powerhouse tools streamline management, fuel your tactics, and ignite your team's potential. Dive into the game-changing mix of tech and sport. Let's explore the features that put you ahead of the game

Training Session Planning

Plan your training sessions in a flash with Coachbetter. Select from our expansive library of over 700+ activities or fully-formed training packages. Not finding what you need? Craft your own activities to meet your team's unique objectives. Spend less time on planning and more time on coaching with our intuitive training session planner.

Game Day Management

Make every game count with Coachbetter's Game Day Management feature. Choose the optimal formation and tactics to conquer the field. Record crucial match events and provide insightful post-game performance reviews. With our platform, every game is an opportunity for growth.

Team Management

Managing your team(s) and players has never been easier. Keep the perfect overview of all activities and share training & match day plans. Communicate with your players directly via the Coachbetter App.

Video Analysis

Unleash the power of video analysis with Coachbetter. Upload, cut, and tag important video sequences, then share them with your team. In today's game, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a video? That's priceless.

Data & Performance Insights

Maximize your players' potential with Coachbetter's Data & Performance Insights. Keep track of player performance, attendance, injuries, and other critical events. Make informed decisions and craft individual development plans based on real data. With Coachbetter, every day is a day to improve.

Coaching Education

Elevate your coaching skills with our trove of expert knowledge articles. From offensive and defensive tactics to athletic and mental strength building - we cover topics that truly matter. Continue your coaching education with Coachbetter, where we bring the experts to you.

A laptop mockup which shows the coachbetter web-app for football coaches and clubs
For coaches

Coaches: Unlock your next level!

Navigate through features meticulously crafted for coaches. From training modules to player assessments, coachbetter empowers every decision you make on and off the field.

For players

Amplify your game

Tap into personalized feedback, training modules, and growth charts. Coachbetter ensures players have the tools they need to shine brighter each game.

For clubs & academies

Streamline like never before!

Revolutionize how your soccer academy operates. Coachbetter brings unparalleled organization, player tracking, and performance metrics tailored specifically for clubs and academies.

A goalkeeper holding a ball
For federations

Oversee with precision!

Elevate federation management to unparalleled standards. Coachbetter provides detailed insights, seamless coordination, and standardized training modules fit for the big leagues.

A football stadium without players

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