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We love to see kids on the pitch. We don’t only want to support kid’s football and its coaches but want actively to promote motion, joy in sports and a healthier lifestyle

Fun first

Easy planning of fun trainings

coachbetter kids offers you a huge variety of fun activities and complete training sessions in colorful design adopted to kids’ needs. You can plan your training fast and easy – fun for everyone is guaranteed.

Get Smarter

Exclusive articles for kid’s football

Kids have special needs and there is so much to learn and know about. Our knowledge articles and activities are developed by UEFA-licensed and experienced coaches and will inspire you.

Communicate better

Communicate directly with parents

Parents of your players are always perfectly informed – fast and easy. Share planned activities, meeting points or videos of the kids directly with the PlayBetter App to the parents. Parents will love it and you are less stressed.

What will you be able to do?

Awesome features

Training session planning

Plan your training sessions within seconds by choosing from our pool of 250+ activities or complete training packages. Create your own activities to train according to your objectives.

Game day management

Choose the right formation and tactics to lift the trophy. Record important match day events and provide post-game performance reviews.

Team management

Managing your team(s) and players has never been easier. Keep the perfect overview of all activities and share training & match day plans. Communicate with your players directly via the PlayBetter App.

Video analysis

Video analysis has become irreplaceable in today’s game. Upload, cut and tag crucial videos sequences in coachbetter and share them with your team.

Data & performance insights

Get the best out of your players, every day. Keep track of player performance, attendance, injuries, and other crucial events to take informed decisions and define individual development plans.

Coaching education

Offense, defense, tactics, athletics, mental strengths and many more – we provide expert knowledge articles on topics that really matter, all in one place.

Of course you can also escape the kid’s section and use all features of coachbetter.

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KSV Hessen Kassel

Club solution from coachbetter professionalizes the Youth Academy (NLZ)

With the club solution from coachbetter, the Youth Academy of KSV Hessen Kassel was able to digitally connect and manage 15 teams from U8 to U23. Within only two, weeks, the platform was ready to use by all coaches and instantly added value.

With coachbetter we have found exactly the digital platform that we have been looking for for years. We have wanted to integrate software into our everyday life for a very long time to digitally connect our teams and to become more professional. In the past, it mostly failed because we couldn't find a suitable digital solution, sometimes the software was too complex and complicated, sometimes simply too expensive, and not flexible enough. In all honesty, I'm a little jealous that coachbetter has never existed in my active coaching career.
Claus Schäfer
KSV Hessen Kassel
Director Youth Academy
coachbetter x 
Schleswig-Holstein Football Federation

Football Federation digitalizes training planning and management of its youth representative teams and performance bases

At Schleswig-Holstein Football Federation (SHFV), coachbetter digitally connects 18 youth selection teams and performance bases.

Our coaches are the key to everything. They are the ones who develop our youth selection teams, performance bases, and every player. We want to give all coaches a tool that supports them in their daily tasks and makes their work easier. Through coachbetter and its functions, for example, communication between us coaches and instructors but also with the players has been significantly improved.
Michael Hopp
Schleswig-Holsteinischer Fussballverband
Head Instructor Association Sports
coachbetter x 
Schleswig-Holstein Football Federation

Football Federation relies on coachbetter for UEFA coaching education

At Schleswig-Holstein Football Federation (SHFV), coachbetter is an integral part of UEFA coaching education and all advanced courses.

Digitalization is now an integral part of football and coaching education. We used to print out a lot and were drawing on playing field foils. Our main goal is to prepare our coaches as best as possible for their clubs and to replace analogue with digital tools as quickly as possible. With coachbetter, we offer our coaches the opportunity to work with digital tools to design their training sessions and activities. The platform immediately added value and is very popular with all our coaches.
Björn Rädel
Schleswig-Holsteinischer Fussballverband
Head of DFB Talent Development
coachbetter x 
FC Mutschellen

FC Mutschellen digitalizes grassroots coaching to support and develop its coaches

“FC Mutschellen 2.0” is a project giving its amateur coaches the best coaching tool with coachbetter and at the same time driving digitalization

coachbetter is ideal to be inspired by the variation of training activities and to get new inputs. Due to the large selection of professional activities and training packages also from clubs and coaches who play higher-class, I try to improve my training more and more. I think coachbetter is an irreplaceable tool, especially for coaches with little experience or who are still at the beginning of their careers. At the same time, it's great that my club is investing in digital solutions and so absolutely moving with the times, for me that is the future of coaching and football.
Sergio Colacino
FC Mutschellen
Head Coach 1. Team

Trusted by coaches and clubs from grassroots to (semi-)professional level worldwide

Are you interested in using coachbetter across your entire club?

Push your training & playing philosophy, gain insights & transparency or simply give your coaches an efficient and user-friendly digital tool. Our Club solution allows officials and club management to equip their entire organization with one platform across all teams and age classes.