Goal Scoring Circle

Soccer drills for warm-up: this exercice will be perfect for your players to start training with the right mindset. It requires them to be focused right from the start since you need to be accurate in the pass to your teammate and the shoot on goal as well. If you don't have mini-goals, just have a player stand behind a gate/goal you created. Ask the players to have a good intensity right from the start but to stay accurate technically.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/embed/g-kJp0-G7DQ[/embed]

Activity flow:

1. Players A and B pass the ball diagonally to each other2. After the first touch, both players dribble through the cone course3. After the dribble course, each player passes into the mini goal in front of him/her and lines up on the other side


1. Four mini goals (two on each side, facing each other)2. Mini cones for the dribbling course3. Every player has a ball4. If applicable: coordination ladder

Coaching points:

1. Precise passing game2. Tight ball control3. Precise shots on goal


1. Precise passing game2. Tight ball control3. Precise shots on goal


  • 10 mn


  • U17 - Adults

Number of players:

  • 2 to 25 players
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