Forward Pass with a Third Attacker

Soccer drills for finishing: work on finishing with your team with this drill where a lot of players are involved in a game realistic situation. Combine with the two high striker that plays back to the ten for him to play the "assist" for the striker to score. Even though scoring goals is highlighted in this exercice, don't forget to remind your players to be sharp in the passes and movements as well.[embed]https://www.youtube.com/embed/er4HY1dkHJ8[/embed]

Activity flow:

1. Player A dribbles a short distance and passes to player B, who moves away from the pole and towards the wing2. At the same time, player C creates an opening by moving towards the center and receives the pass from player B3. Player C plays a one-touch pass to player A, who has moved towards the center4. Player A plays a deep forward pass between the poles which player B is positioned to receive 5. Player B receives the pass in his/her direction of movement and shoots on goal


1. Four poles or mannequins to simulate opposing players (two central defenders, two central defensive midfielders)2. Two cones to mark starting positions3. Extra balls with starting players (A)

Coaching points:

1. Timing when separating from a defender2. Dribbling speed3. Varied passes to players on the run4. initial movement to trigger a pass


1. Make it a competition: Who can score more?2. Limit touches


  • 10 mn


  • U17 - Adults

Number of players:

  • 3 to 25 players
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