Breaking Away from a Defender

Soccer drills to build up from the back: Great drill if you want to play from the back with your defense. It is important that even in practice, they get used to be pressured and to get out of these situations. Make sure you explain them how to open the field, and to show confidence in passing and dribbling to get out of the pressure and to get to the next zone. If they are able to do it well in practice, it well help during the game.[video width="1536" height="864" mp4="https://www.coachbetter.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/2047-–-Breaking-Awayfrom-a-Defender-–-42v42-3D.mp4"][/video]

Activity flow:

1. Each sequence is started by the goalkeeper of the attacking team2. The team in possession plays 4v4 and tries to pass to a teammate in the target zone3. If they are successful, the players in the target zone play 2v2 and try to finish4. If the defenders steal the ball, they counterattack


1. Set up a 40x40-yard field with goals and goalkeepers2. Mark off a target zone about eight yards deep on the edge of the penalty area3. Divide players into two teams

Coaching points:

1. Make sure defenders mark the attackers closely from behind2. Play with deep forward passes and quick combination play3. The attackers in midfield should constantly be in motion in order to be open for a pass at any time4. Players receiving passes should break away from defenders, turn towards the goal, and finish as quickly as possible


1. The player who passes into the target zone can enter and play 3v22. The player who receives the pass in the target zone has to finish and isn’t allowed pass to his/her teammate3. The players in the target zone are allowed to make one-touch return passes back to their teammates building up


  • 15 mn


  • U17 - Adults


  • 14 to 25 players
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