Passing Goal Competition:

Looking for passing drills? Here is a great training activity where you can put your players into a game situation with the goal of opening passing lines when in possession and closing passing lines when defending. Start using this drill on your session planning tool on coachbetter!

Drill Flow

1. Play 7v7 in the marked playing field2. The objective of both teams is to score points by completing (or preventing) a double passthrough a pole goal3. One of the teams starts the small sided game in possession


1. Use cones to mark the playing field as shown2. Set up pole goals on the field3. Divide players into teams4. Extra balls around the field

Coaching Points

1. Group tactical solutions (double pass, etc.)2. Precise passing game3. Movement to separate from a defender


1. Limit touches2. Allow passing through the pole goals only after a certain amount of passes3. Make it a competition: Which team can score the most points?

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