Deutsches Fußball Internat (DFI) and Swiss based Start-Up
coachbetter.com launches strategic partnership for state-of-the-art football content

Deutsches Fussball Internat  (DFI) and coachbetter are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining DFI’s industry leading knowledge about football training with coachbetter’s innovative and user-friendly platform for football coaches. The powerful combination of both organisations will help to provide football coaches with high-quality football content and support the digital development of the game.By using its infrastructure of talented and experienced football coaches and players, DFI will provide video content that will be available on Youtube and special content exclusively on coachbetter’s easy-to-use coaching platform. The short and crisp training videos will display a variety of modern football activities and bring paper-based exercises to life. Some of first videos created for the coachbetter community can be found here:https://youtu.be/0Qk6XY1-ePYIn addition, DFI will provide inspirational videos that focus on the football coach himself and its language, philosophy or motivational skills during training sessions. “The combination of the content covered with both videos has the power to take the coaching game to the next level. At the same time, DFI commits to its digital transformation”, says Sebastian Raß, Managing Director of DFI. DFI will use the coachbetter platform by their internal coaching experts across U12 to U19 teams to standardize training planning and expand the infrastructure of Germany’s leading football school.With this partnership and technology playing an increasingly important role in football, both companies show their commitment to the development of digital solutions to improve football. “The partnership with DFI will allow us to drive far more impact for all football coaches, especially grassroot coaches around the world. As a startup, we are extremely proud to partner with the prestigious DFI and create amazing content for our community”, says coachbetter Co-Founder Patrick Patzig.Coachbetter is a Swiss based Startup that drives the digitalization in the football market with its user friendly and high-speed platform for football coaches. Big data collection, statistics and automated reporting is directly saved in the cloud allowing coaches to access their training plans and team data from anywhere at any time. Also by that, the platform eases the communication with staff, players and other stakeholders through leading tools such as messenger and whatsapp.By virtually connecting football coaches through DFI’s more than 36,000 Youtube followers with coachbetter’s one stop platform and users, the collaboration represents a step-change in the way both businesses address the needs of a football coach and their teams.https://youtu.be/KM__7fUKChELearn more at www.deutschesfussballinternat.de. Follow us on Instagram and FacebookAbout coachbetter:coachbetter is a Digital Assistant Coach offering user-friendly app for football coaches and clubs. The platform offers 250+ football activities and training packages (drawn, animated and real) that support each football coach in executing professional training sessions. For gameday preparation, team communication and to collect crucial data on player’s performances, coachbetter also offers a team management section. The platform is complemented with a professional video analysis solution, where coaches can tag game sections and assign those sequences to player profiles for individual analysis. Link to our platform: www.coachbetter.comTo leave space for coaches’ creativity, coachbetter’s tactic board solution “Moves – Design Your Play” is an add-on App, where coaches can visualize their own football drills and upload them to their platform profile.Learn more at www.coachbetter.com and follow us on Instagram @coachbetter_ltdTo arrange an interview, contact:For Deutsches FussballinternatSebastian Raß, Managing Directorsrass@deutschesfussballinternat.deFor CoachbetterPatrick Patzig, Co-FounderPatrick.patzig@coachbetter.com

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