A bomb has been dropped yesterday as the DFB (Deutsch Fussball Bundes) released that Joachim Löw will be stepping down of his position of Head Coach of the “Nationalmannschaft”. Joachim Löw leaves an amazing group that brought him to the very top of the world in 2014, when they lifted the World Cup trophy, in the Maracana, Brazil, iconic.

Joachim Löw has been the symbol of a football powerhouse for so many years. Joachim Low is the image of a football association that has invested so much and so successfully in their youth system: the DFB. Most importantly, he has been able to make the most out of the players that he has coached, no matter the generation.

Joachim Low will be hard to replace, and he will definitely leave a big gap behind him. Although this move has been described as a surprise, did we not see it coming? Analysis by coachbetter of what Joachim Low brought, what he leaves and most importantly to whom!

What is Low’s legacy? (Hold your breath)

  • 188 games managed as Germany’s head coach
  • FIFA World Coach of the Year (2014)
  • L’Equipe Sports Manager of the Year (2010)
  • 3 finals and 6 semi-finals in 7 international tournaments
  • Amazing winning record of 120-37-31
  • 2017 Confederations Cup Winner
  • 2014 World Cup Winner
  • Historic 7-1 Win against Brazil

Maybe most importantly, it is the kind of football he offered that may be the hardest to take over. Germany has got us used to beautiful and attractive football. The games are full of pace, the team is dangerous and threats come from everywhere. With a 63% winning percentage, we can safely say that his winning mentality has been a great asset to a football powerhouse.

Low leaves being the world’s longest serving national team after taking over the team in August 2006. Just another record for a man that coached probably one of the most brilliant football team of the decade, alongside Spain. He commented on his departure:

“I have had great triumphs with them and painful defeats, but above all many wonderful and magical moments – not just winning the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I am and will remain grateful to the DFB, which has always provided me and the team with an ideal working environment. ”

Joachim Low

Embed from Getty Images

“Jogi” has always been lucky enough to count on amazing talents in his national team. Players like Toni Kroos, Thomas Muller, Mesut Ozil, Matt Hummels, Miroslav Klose, Jerome Boateng, Reus, and so many others… However, another big part of his legacy may be how well he put them to play together.

We know how difficult it is for players to see each other every two months and then compete every two to four years for some of the most important competition in a player’s lifetime. Despite that fact, it seems like Low has always been able to gather his players to aim at the same direction. His empathy, yet technical intelligence might be a key factor of Germany success along all these years.

Why isn’t it such a surprise?

The truth is that recently Germany has had its unstoppable machine slowing down. Despite the fact that they qualified for the Euro 2020(1) in front of the Netherlands and with some very convincing victories, it is hard to forget some very disappointing moments Germany went through in the last three years or so.

First one and maybe the most alarming of all: the 2018 World Cup. It seemed to be an easy group for such a German team: Sweden, Mexico, and South Korea. Well, the least we can say is that finishing last of the group stage wasn’t on the plans and remained as a big disappointment for the national team.

Then, recently, the Nations League has seen Germany struggling against teams like Switzerland and even more against Spain.

Embed from Getty Images

The recent 6-0 loss against Spain was tough to take and went on to be symbolic of the loss of speed of an unrecognisable Nationalmannschaft.

“It was an evening where absolutely nothing came off for our team. Therefore, we are all massively disappointed and really angry. You could see in our duels and body language that we didn’t show up tonight.”

Joachim Low after Germany losing 6-0 to Spain in the Nations League

Obviously, the goal remains the Euro Cup 2020 and we are very excited to see Low leading this team to new success. Time will tell if these results were anecdotic or really a symbol of a needed change.

Who to replace him now?

With Liverpool struggling and Joachim Low announcing his departure at the same time, the connections with Jurgen Klopp were easy to make and comfortable to think of. Unfortunately for Germany, Klopp doesn’t seem ready to take over the job has he recently expressed himself on the topic during a press conference:

Nevertheless, there is some truth in Klopp’s comments. We can’t say that Germany lacks candidates, even less good ones. Hansi Flick, Thomas Tuchel, Julian Nageslmann, Jurgen Klinsmann, Marco Rose, Fink… and so many others. We don’t think that the DFB should be outsourcing to hand over the head coaching job of the National team.

It wouldn’t so bad of an idea to give the keys to someone that knows the house. In that regard, Hansi Flick that assisted “Jogi” many years could be a great fit. Moreover, after winning everything there is to win with Bayern, he might be ready for a new opportunity. Watch out for Stefan Kuntz, head coach of the U-21 or Marcus Sorg, current assistant. There is some kind of love story between assistant coaches and Germany.

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