15. Ottmar Hitzfeld

Embed from Getty ImagesWe start our list with "the General" Ottmar Hitzfeld. He has no less than 18 titles under his belt and has won the Champions League with two different clubs, Borussia Dortmund in 1997 and Bayern Munchen in 2001.Not only he is very respected in German and Swiss football but at the international stage as well, being selected twice "world coach of the year". Deutsche qualität.

14. Diego Simeone

Embed from Getty ImagesWe keep going with "El Cholo" Simeone.The Argentinian coach might be the most controversial name on this list but we firmly believe that he has his place at the table of the best coaches.Since the 2011-2012 season, Atlético Madrid has a soul and a spirit attached to its name: Diego Simeone. His ability to push his players further and ask more from them has brought the club and the team to a lot of success. 1 LaLiga won, 1 Copa del Rey, 2 times finalist of the Champions League and 2 Europa Leagues won.However, what's stay is his passion and his ability to make his players fight on the field like it was their last hour on earth.

13. Carlo Ancelotti

Embed from Getty ImagesNext one is "Carletto".Beyond the mere fact that he is an unbelievably successful coach, the way he manages a group and egos have made him one of the best coaches in the history. Recently, Thiago Motta went on telling a story about Ancelotti and his relationship with Ibra and how much the player respected the coach (read here).On top of his management skills, Carlo Ancelotti has won three Champions League, one Serie A, one Coppa Italia, one Premier League, one FA Cup, a Ligue 1, a Bundesliga among many other trophies. Basically, he won everywhere he went. Grande Carletto.

12. Brian Clough

Embed from Getty ImagesThe one and only English coach from the list. The truth is that Brian Clough has quite an amazing story and even if he has a profile that flies under the radar, he definitely has his place in the best coaches of the history of the sport.Clough's biggest achievements have been to take two teams (Derby County and Nottingham Forest) from second division, to getting promoted and then winning the First Division with them. Clough even won two European Cups (Champions League) with Nottingham Forest.His influence on British football has been huge. Moreover, taking teams from second division and bringing them on top of Europe speaks volume in terms of what the influence of the coach is. Clough liked the North.

11. Miguel Muñoz

Embed from Getty ImagesMiguel Muñoz is probably the coach that the least people will know on this list. Nevertheless, what he's achieved as a coach gives him the credibility to be seen as one of the most influent coach of the sport.Between 1960 and 1972, Muñoz won 9 LaLiga titles with Real Madrid! On top of that we can add 2 Copas del Rey, 2 European Cups (Champions Leagues) and an unequaled domination on Spanish football. Miguel Muñoz is royalty.

10. Marcello Lippi

Embed from Getty ImagesBerlin 2006: France - Italy. What a final. Zidane's red card, Materrazi's goal, Cannavaro's amazing performance. It had everything. The man behind the team and the historical fourth Italian title in the World Cup: Marcello Lippi.Marcello left his mark on Italian football with 5 Serie A titles, one Coppa, and one Champions League. All in Torino, with Juventus. In China since 2012, he has won the Chinese League but most notably the AFC Champions League, turning him in the first coach ever to win both the UEFA Champions League and AFC Champions League.He is today at the head of the Chinese national team. Marcello Romeo Lippi, from Viareggio, Tuscany, romantic.

9. Johan Cruyff

Embed from Getty ImagesThe total footballer. Johann Cruyff is the pupil of his mentor and coach Rinus Michels. Football owes so much to Cruyff both as a player and as a coach. His tactical views on possession (later developed as tiki-taka), repressing quickly after the loss of the ball and his famous formation 3-4-3/4-3-3 has brought him many successes and made football fans enjoy watching his teams play.

More than a coach, he changed the mindset of Barcelona when he came back as a coach, bringing trophies back to the camp nou.Most importantly, he set in place a philosophy and methodology to be followed by the whole club from the younger players to the first team.Johann Cruyff has won 4 LaLiga, one Copa del Rey, one Champions League, and two KNVB cups. His most famous quote:

"Playing football is very simple but playing simple football is the hardest thing there is."Johann Cruyff

8. Jill Ellis

Embed from Getty ImagesWhen your job goes far beyond the four lines of the pitch.Jill Ellis has been working for years, developing the woman's side of football with great success. From coaching at the collegiate level and coaching one of the most successful program ever (229-45-14), to working as a National Development Director to take the US National Team to two World Cup in 2015 and 2019.Jill Ellis is a true legend for US Soccer but not only. She has shown the way to thousands of young girls across the world aspiring to play football at the highest level.

7. Pep Guardiola

Embed from Getty ImagesWe said already that Cruyff was Rinus Michels' pupil. Well, Pep Guardiola was Johan Cruyff's pupil and that is how Barcelona is known for a same philosophy.Pep Guardiola has been fascinating the world of football since he started coaching in 2007 Barcelona B and got them promoted directly from Tercera. Guardiola is the scientist of football, he is the brain behind every movement, every decision that is taken in football and that is why he is so fascinating. His teams win, but not in any way.His teams play well, his teams have a plan and we can see who drew the sketches in the backstage.Pep Guardiola is still young but he has won: Three LaLiga, and 2 Copa del Rey in Spain; 3 Bundesliga and 3 DFB Pokal in Germany; 2 Premier Leagues and one FA Cup in England; on top of that, he won also 2 Champions League. 49 and already a coaching legend.Here is Guardiola's legacy. If anyone ask you to define satisfying, please show them this video. You are welcome.

6. Jose Mourinho

Embed from Getty ImagesWhile has this image of winning with beautiful football, Jose Mourinho is the image of winning at all costs, whatever happens.The special one brings pragmatism at new levels and is not afraid of getting his hands dirty or having his reputation stained to win games.Jose Mourinho has an unbelievable winning record and collects trophies. Two Portuguese Leagues, One Portuguese Cup, 3 Premier Leagues, one FA Cup, 2 Serie A, 1 Coppa d'Italia, one LaLiga and one Copa del Rey.On top of that, we can add two Europa Leagues and two Champions Leagues. Controversial by his attitude he is a true monster when it comes to the pitch. Still young, he has many years of coaching ahead of him and we will see if he can remain eternally "the special one".

5. Vicente Del Bosque

Embed from Getty ImagesVicente Del Bosque is the picture of the coach that brought the best Spanish national team ever together. Of course, a lot of credit must be given as well to Luis Aragones who won the Euro Cup with Spain in 2008 before but Vicente Del Bosque is really the one that developed and furthered the success of this team.Moreover, Del Bosque is the only coach in the world that has won the World Cup, the European Cup, the Champions League and the Intercontinental Cup. His trophy list includes 2 LaLiga, 2 Champions League, 1 European Cup and one World Cup.More than his victories, his management of the group is very often highlighted by his players. If he is not the best coach in the history, he is still in the run for the nicest moustache.

4. Giovanni Trapattoni

Embed from Getty Images"Il Trap" as they call him in Italy is the perfect analogy of what Italian football has been between the 1980s-2000s. He is the complete opposite of what Cruyff of Rinus Michels was trying to achieve. He is the coach using the famous "catenaccio", this very defensive way of approaching the game.For him, the possession of the ball did not interest him as he would rather defend all game, and score two goals in counter attack to win the game. He is a coach that used a sweeper who would man mark the striker or the opponent best offensive player, something that would never be seen in our current times. Despite the old school approach to football, his results spoke for himself as he is one of the most decorated coach in Italian and international football.His trophy list include: 7 Serie A, 2 Coppa d'Italia, 1 Bundesliga, 1 Portuguese League, 1 Austrian League, 1 Champions league and 1 one UEFA Cup (Europa League). Defensive but pragmatic.

3. Arrigo Sacchi

Embed from Getty ImagesMaybe the most emblematic and mythic Italian coach from this list. More than the titles, Arrigo Sacchi is known to be a precursor of a different tactic system.When he started his coaching career in 1973, Italy was and is going to be for so many years known for his defensive systems. Arrigo Sacchi believed in strong organisation and believed that tactics could win any game for him.However, he brought to his team new concepts, never explored in Italian football, such as the high press. High press is commonly seen today in Klopp's or Guardiola's teams but Arrigo Sacchi was the first one to implement it successfully at the highest level.He brought his AC Milan with the famous Dutch trio, Van Basten, Ruud Gullit and Frank Rijkaard to the top of Europe. This team is still seen today as one of the best team to ever play football. Sacchi won with this team a Serie A, two back to back champions league, two European Super Cup, two Intercontinental Cup and brought Italy to the final of the World Cup in 1994 to only lose in penalty kicks against Brazil.

2. Rinus Michels

Embed from Getty ImagesFinally we get to the mentor of some of the best coaches we have seen and currently seen. Rinus Michels is the coach that made "Total Football" popular with Ajax in the 1960s, the idea of possessing the ball, and players inter changing their positions to create disorganisation for the opponent.He is the mentor of Johan Cruyff and hence the mentor of Pep Guardiola as well. He also made popular the offside trap, which consists of having your defensive line playing higher to let the opponent's players offside.Thanks to an amazing Dutch generation led by Johan Cruyff and Johan Neeskens, Rinus Michels will bring Ajax back to the first stage of European football. He will win four Dutch leagues, three KNVB cups and one Champions League before moving to Barcelona. In Spain, he will also win one LaLiga and one Copa del Rey.On top of that he will bring Dutch football to the final of the world cup in 1974 and will lead the team in winning the European cup in 1988.

1. Sir Alex Ferguson

Embed from Getty ImagesA coach that has "Sir" in front of his name already speaks a lot about what he has achieved in his life.For him, we will start with some of the most important trophies he has won in his career: 4 Scottish first division titles and 4 Scottish Cups. 13 Premier League titles, 5 FA Cup titles, 2 Champions League and 10 Community Shields.He is simply the most decorated coach in the history of football. He managed to stay more than 27 years as the head coach of one of the best teams in the world: Manchester United. The 1998-1999 "Treble Success" season will forever stay in the club's history books and can be much credited to Sir Alex. Usually empathetic with his players, he knew when to raise the tone and to be harsher to push his players to be better.Sir Alex is so famous that they even invented the famous "Fergie time" which is the 15 last minutes of the game where Manchester United used to make the difference and win games. A legend of football.If you want too, to become one of the best coaches of the world, visit coachbetter.com and start unleashing your inner Sir Alex Ferguson.

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